While the draw of buying a brand-new piece of equipment can be great, one must remember that there are plus sides to both new and refurbished equipment. This is especially true with fairly ophthalmic equipment lenseexpensive pieces of equipment, such as those that are responsible for sensitive areas like eyes. Contrary to popular belief, used ophthalmic equipment is oftentimes the exact same make and model that consumers are looking for. Because of this, purchasing refurbished ophthalmic equipment is not only practical, it is extremely common in its field.


Three big reasons to choose a refurbished piece of ophthalmic equipment over a new one are brand name recognition, top quality of equipment, and cost efficiency. While brand name recognition seems trivial, you and your customers will both feel a heightened sense of security knowing that the maker is a trusted company. Whether your company is in the market for a Canon, Topcon, Macro Optovue, Zeiss or Heidelberg, you can rest assured that getting a refurbished piece of ophthalmic equipment is the way to go.


All of the equipment you order will be in like new condition, or with minor scratches that made them unable to be sold as ‘new’ off the delivery. Not only that, but each piece of equipment is fully tested before being re-sold to the consumers. So you can be assured that your equipment is always of the highest quality. This means you are getting the same quality as brand new pieces for the price of refurbished ophthalmic equipment.


The money that you save on this can then be used to either purchase more equipment or invest back into the company. In the end, the equipment provider sells a piece of inventory instead of having to write it off as a loss, and your business saves money in the process. It is truly a win win situation for all parties involved when you purchase refurbished ophthalmic instruments.